Three locations – bringing us closer to you! Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz is headquartered in Lucerne. In addition, we operate offices in Emmenbrücke and Sursee – so we’re always close to our clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our three locations

  • Lucerne
  • Emmenbrücke
  • Sursee

Parking: covered parking in Löwen Center, Schweizerhof or National Hof
Public transport: by bus from Lucerne station to the bus stop “Luzernerhof”. Bus lines: No. 1 Maihof, No. 6 Büttenhalde, No. 8 Würzenbach, No. 19 Friedental, No. 24 Meggen, No. 73 Udligenswil

Plan route, PDF-map

Parking: spots reserved next to our offices at Gerliswilstrasse 4
By train: to Emmenbrücke station
By bus: to bus stop “Bahnhof Emmenbrücke” or “Emmenbrücke Bahnhof Süd”

Plan route, PDF-map

Parking: on Vierherrenplatz
Public transport: by bus from Sursee station to bus stop “Altstadt” or “Post”. Bus lines: No. 65 Nottwil, No. 81 Beromünster, No. 84 Eich, No. 86 Spital, No. 399 Reinach

Plan route, PDF-map

Location Lucerne
Löwenstrasse 3
CH-6000 Lucerne 6
+41 41 419 30 30
Location Emmenbrücke
Gerliswilstrasse 4
CH-6021 Emmenbrücke
+41 41 260 59 59
Location Sursee
Bahnhofstrasse 2
CH-6210 Sursee
+41 41 921 33 33

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Lucerne Emmenbrücke Sursee
Inheritance law/pensions
Corporate/commercial law
Administrative/constitutional law/procurement
Criminal law/road traffic
Copyright/trademark protection/competition
Litigation/judicial proceedings/insolvency
Thomas Tschümperlin
Regula Suter-Furrer
Jörg Schwarz
Raetus Cattelan
Markus Lötscher
Peter Kriesi
Rainer Wey
Salome Krummenacher
Daniela Jost
Melanie Friedrich
Magdalena Hofstetter
Manuela Häfliger
Kaja Vogler
Manuela Rogger
Chantal Bösiger
Sian Affolter
Florian Marfurt
Jasmin Troxler
Carolina Wüthrich
Emanuel Grünig

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