Stronger as a team. We are attorneys. But at the same time, we are also notaries, specialists in various legal fields, and tax experts. So when you come to us, you'll always find exactly the right person to handle your case. And you'll also benefit from our community of specialists in different areas of the law. Right here on our premises, we have experts qualified to deal with a wide range of issues. Our in-house specialist groups meet regularly to exchange ideas and compare notes – so by pooling our resources, we can give you even better advice.
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Thomas Tschümperlin 
Regula Suter-Furrer 
Prof. Dr. 
Jörg Schwarz 
Raetus Cattelan 
Markus Lötscher 
Peter Kriesi 
Dr., LL.M. 
Rainer Wey 
Salome Krummenacher 
Daniela Jost 
Melanie Friedrich 
Magdalena Hofstetter 
Manuela Häfliger 
Kaja Vogler 
Manuela Rogger 
Chantal Bösiger 
Sian Affolter 
Florian Marfurt 
Jasmin Troxler 
Legal intern 
Carolina Wüthrich 
Legal intern 
Emanuel Grünig 

Management of our law firm

Office Manager 
Lorena Sossai 
Head of Finance  
Egon Raufer 


Alexandra Bieri 
Karin Birchler 
Office Manager 
Ruth Foster 
Claudia Küng 
Nicole Meier 
Neti Tauriello 
Brigitte Warth