Authentication by a notary

Does your signature have to be authenticated by a notary? Or do you need notarised authentication of a copy or translation? Our experienced notaries will undertake this authentication for you, no matter whether you are a private individual or a commercial client.

To authenticate a signature, you sign the document in the presence of the notary. If you have already signed, you acknowledge that the signature already added to the document is your own. For these purposes, you must arrange an appointment with the notary, be present in person and identify yourself with an official identification document.

In order to authenticate a copy, the notary himself or herself makes a copy of the original document or ascertains that the existing copy matches the original. The authentication then certifies that the copy corresponds to the original.

A translation is notarised to certify that it is correct. If the notary cannot carry out the translation himself or herself, a translator must be engaged.

We know what is required, and we can offer you speedy and professional support with all notarial matters.

Attorneys specialising in this field

Thomas Tschümperlin 
Prof. Dr. 
Jörg Schwarz 
Markus Lötscher 
Dr., LL.M. 
Rainer Wey 
Salome Krummenacher 
Daniela Jost 
Magdalena Hofstetter 
Melanie Friedrich 
Manuela Häfliger 

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