As an employer, you want all your HR processes to run smoothly. To achieve this, you look for customised, pragmatic and legally watertight solutions for labour law issues. We can assist you with your day-to-day HR work. More specifically, we can advise you on drawing up employment contracts and regulations, interpreting contractual documents, terminating employment contracts or drafting termination/severance agreements. We can also support you with the information and consultation procedures involved in reorganisation/restructuring processes. If disputes arise, we can assist you with negotiations and represent you at labour tribunals and in dealings with authorities.

As an employee, you know how important it is to review employment contracts before they are signed so as to preclude disputes at a later stage. When you terminate an employment relationship, you want to make sure that all your statutory and contractual rights are protected.

Thanks to our substantial experience of private and public labour law as well as the legal aspects of social insurance, we can offer all-round support to our clients – whether they operate within Switzerland or internationally.

Attorneys specialising in this field

Regula Suter-Furrer 
Raetus Cattelan 
Daniela Jost 
Kaja Vogler 
Manuela Rogger 
Florian Marfurt 

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