Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz can advise you professionally and efficiently on all aspects of real estate. Our lawyers and notaries not only have many years' experience, but they have the relevant additional qualifications and are exceptionally well networked in the construction and real-estate sector (particularly in Lucerne and Central Switzerland).

Our work spans all areas of public and private construction and property law. For instance, we offer our clients support with complex real-estate projects and we assist them with procedures for spatial planning, building permits, expropriation and environmental matters. We also provide comprehensive support with all facets of contract law pertaining to construction and real estate. We review and draw up purchase agreements and contracts for work and services, and we have extensive know-how when it comes to agreements with general contractors, sole contractors and planners.

We also deal regularly with issues relating to tenancy law, especially as regards commercial leases; we conduct judicial proceedings related to tenancy and neighbour law for commercial clients as well as private individuals. Finally, we have special expertise in all matters related to condominium property, including establishment of condominium ownership, contractual issues and the enforcement or defence of claims asserted in connection with defects, deadline problems and cost overruns, etc.

Attorneys specialising in this field

Raetus Cattelan 
Markus Lötscher 
Peter Kriesi 
Dr., LL.M. 
Rainer Wey 
Magdalena Hofstetter 
Kaja Vogler 
Sian Affolter 
Manuela Rogger 
Chantal Bösiger 
Florian Marfurt 
Jasmin Troxler 

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