Mediation is an alternative out-of-court procedure for resolving conflicts. The mediator assists the parties by using professional negotiating techniques to arrive at a solution. The objective is a solution elaborated by the parties which is based on their interests and is therefore satisfactory and sustainable for all concerned.

Mediation can be especially advantageous in cases where the personal relationship between the parties plays an important part and the intention is to avoid disruption of this relationship due to judicial proceedings – for instance, with respect to inheritances, associations, longstanding business relationships or residential property, or if multiple parties are involved (in the workplace or the public domain, for example). A decisive factor in the success of mediation – indeed, the essential prerequisite – is that all parties involved in the process must agree to it; in other words, mediation must always be voluntary. If this condition is met, there are no limits to the scenarios in which mediation can be used.

Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz is fortunate to have the services of Attorney and Mediator Peter Kriesi, who was trained in mediation at the Institute for Legal Studies and Legal Practice at the University of St. Gallen (IRP-HSG). He obtained the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) after completing the training course as a mediator for business, the work environment and the public sector, and is also a Swiss Bar Association Mediator (SBA/SAV). We are thus able to provide professional support when alternative approaches to disputes resolution are selected.

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