Litigation/judicial proceedings/insolvency

Occasionally, we are unable to convince an opposing party or authority even though we have advanced good arguments in favour of our client’s viewpoint. In such cases, the court must resolve the dispute in proceedings regulated by law, with the authority of the state. If all goes to plan, the litigation strategy and technique should persuade the judge to rule in your favour. This calls for sound knowledge and extensive experience of litigation – the core competencies of Tschümperlin Lötscher Schwarz.

As litigation proceeds, we will chart the right course in line with your requirements, providing you with reliable support throughout lengthy and complex judicial proceedings that may involve taking the case before several courts – if necessary, right up to the Federal Supreme Court in Lausanne. For example, this may be necessary in order to enforce or defend warranty claims or claims for damages, to assert entitlements under inheritance law or rights of any other sort.

Likewise, we support and advise you on enforcing claims in insolvency and debt collection procedures, where our experience often plays a decisive role.

Attorneys specialising in this field

Regula Suter-Furrer 
Prof. Dr. 
Jörg Schwarz 
Raetus Cattelan 
Peter Kriesi 
Dr., LL.M. 
Rainer Wey 
Salome Krummenacher 
Daniela Jost 
Magdalena Hofstetter 
Sian Affolter 
Manuela Rogger 
Chantal Bösiger 
Florian Marfurt 
Jasmin Troxler 

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